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Gain clarity, build confidence and achieve your goals

Meet Kutu Baker

Executive & Leadership Coach

Career Strategist

Kutu Baker founded KBC to help leaders and professionals rediscover joy in their careers and re-orient their lives to be more purpose-driven and fulfilling.

For the past 18+ years in human resources, talent management, business and coaching, Kutu has helped countless professionals and leaders transform their mindsets and practices to improve their personal and professional lives. Her diverse background and passion for growth allows her to provide  valuable insights to her clients. 

Why work with us

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black female leadership coach

Our clients are leaders who want to expand their capacity to lead well. We also work with professionals to equip them with the knowledge, tools, and confidence to successfully build their careers and navigate transitions. Ours is a partnership and a pathway to transformative growth.


Whether you are seeking a coach for yourself or your organization, our holistic purpose-driven approach helps to generate greater clarity, improve performance and capacity, and unlock potential.

We believe that the winning formula is having the right strategy, a trusted partner for accountability and encouragement, and a safe space to work through the challenges. This is what we offer our clients through our customized coaching and professional development services.

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